Legend  - Marie Lu Legend is a futuristic dystopia where United States have split up and there’s a war between the Republic of America and their neighbours. The story is narrated by two point of views, our main characters, teenagers Day and June. June is Republic’s prodigy, a highly intelligent and trained warrior used to rich girl’s commodities. Day is Republic’s criminal, coming from poor family and living on the streets, trying to find a cure for plague that affected his family. When June’s brother gets killed, Day is a prime suspect and June intends to find him and kill him.

Legend is a fast-paced story, full of action and plot twists, that sometimes left me breathless. That’s the main strength of this book - you can’t stop reading, because there’s always something going on, always more questions to answer. The writing style is very simplistic so it’s easy to read and the story itself is quite short, maybe too short for my liking.

I loved this dystopian world Marie Lu created, but I wanted to know more about it. The world building is very lacking and that’s the most infuriating thing about this book. I wondered about the history, when and why US had split up, why is there a war.. there’s NO answers in this book! But I think there’s a reason for that - the story is told from Day’s and June’s POV and that is why narrating is so simplistic and why we don’t get a glimpse in history - because they don’t know it. They probably don’t even know why there’s a war. So I guess I forgive these faults, but I will need answers in book two. I already peeked at Prodigy - there’s a map in the beginning of the book, so that looks promising!

I liked both Day and June, especially how intelligent they were. I hoped this will be the kind of book where the smarts matter, but of course they had to be both extraordinarily beautiful, too. I felt the love story was a bit forced and it could easily be left out. While I think this wasn’t a case of insta-love, there was an instant attraction, but I didn’t mind it because I think both of these characters lived very lonely lives. Thomas was a perfect villain who really managed to creep me out. He was heartless and didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Legend isn’t a book without flaws but it was still an enjoyable read. I wouldn’t mind it if there wasn’t a love story, but I guess all YA novels need to have one :). The story ended nicely, without major cliffhanger. I still want to know what happens next and I’m really looking forward to Prodigy.

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