Succubus Dreams - Richelle Mead Succubus Dreams is a third book in Georgina Kincaid series and the last one for me. There are 6 books in this series total, but while I love reading some paranormal romance, this book gave me headaches from all the drama and I really struggled to finish it.

In short, Georgina is a succubus, a shape-shifting demoness who gets her energy from having sex with people. With this act she takes years from their life. She has a boyfriend Seth, who knows she’s a succubus. Georgina doesn’t want to have sex with him because then she would shorten his life. He’s okay with her having sex with other men for her survival and she insists he can have sex with other women. My main problem with this book was I couldn’t see how a relationship like that could work. I believe in physical and emotional fidelity and it was beyond me to grasp why exactly Seth would want to be with Georgina.

Seth is a great person and I’d even say a perfect guy, at least in my eyes. He loves Georgina and doesn’t want to have sex with other women because he doesn’t do “casual sex”. He’s attentive and loving, except when he’s writing his book. He’s a famous writer so he doesn’t have time for Georgina whenever she pleases, and she even dares to think how maybe she’s the one who got it bad, not him. Seth is clearly an introvert and loves his time alone, but of course that’s a problem for Georgina because she’s so freakin’ hyperactive and extroverted and she wants to hang out with her friends 24/7. I hated her for trying to change him and the other introverted person in this book, Maddie. She even says how disappointed she was in her when she saw she’s a bit socially awkward.

Oh but Georgina is a perfect woman and nobody knows that better than her. She’s such a hypocrite. She (allegedly) loves Seth and she keeps telling herself she only has sex with other men because she has to. Wrong! She enjoys every second of it and she has sex with people who don’t even give her the energy. When she becomes bored in the evening, she goes out to flirt for fun. There was this one scene when I came really close to throwing my kindle in the wall. Basically, Seth stood her up when they were supposed to go to a theater. She got angry so she got herself a guy and they went to this sex club where they had sex in front of other people. This was described into details and I really wasn’t enjoying myself reading it. She loved watching other men’s faces when they watched her having sex. This isn’t a hot sex for me! Not when a perfect guy is waiting for her at home! Oh but when she came home, Seth gave her this beautiful expensive ring. It was painful to read this!

The paranormal twist didn’t come up until 45% of the book and even then the romance drama and angst remained in the center of the story. The mystery was pretty obvious and got solved very easy. I gave this book 2 stars because I’m Richelle Mead’s fan and I love her writing style. But she confirmed for me that she can write infuriating characters.

Let’s just say I’m glad with how this book ends, so there’s no need for me to read this series any further. I’m not a fan of relationship between Georgina and Seth and I don’t want them to be together in the end. I recommend this book if you like angsty romance and cheating doesn’t bother you. If you want paranormal fantasy without these things, then this book is probably not for you. I wasn’t for me.

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