Flash Gold - Lindsay Buroker Actual rating: 4.5

I wanted to read Flash Gold since before I knew it was free on Amazon, so I was very excited when I got it a few weeks ago. It was actually the first freebie I ever read, but it surely didn’t disappoint!

The story is set in 1890s. Kali is an 18 year-old girl, living by herself in a small town in Yukon, where it’s always cold. She’s got home-made mechanical dogs, home full of booby traps and hidden weapons. Her father left her a big alchemical fortune known as flash gold and many men wants to steal it from Kali. The story starts off immediately when Kali meets Cedar, who wants to help her win the sled race. Kali reluctantly agrees but remains suspicious about his true motives. They start an action-packed adventure where they try to win the race and stay alive at the same time.

Flash Gold was a short and funny story. I loved both Kali and Cedar, but especially their teasing dialogue and bickering. It was highly entertaining to the point where I was laughing hard several times. If you like kick-ass heroines and sarcastic comments, I definitely recommend this book. And it’s free for Kindle! I’ll continue reading this series, but this time I’ll wait for colder weather - I must be the only person in the world reading a book set in winter time while scorching myself in summer sun! I wouldn’t mind it if this book was at least a bit longer. I wanted to know more about Kali’s background and there are some things left for book two, like the true Cedar’s name. I can't wait to read more of their adventures!

"“It’s polite to call a lady ‘ma’am’. Even if she’s a half-breed wearing man trousers with tools sticking out of all her pockets.” Not to mention she was only eighteen and covered in grease. She would collapse in surprise if anyone called her ma’am without the ulterior motive of needing a favor."

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