Coraline - Neil Gaiman It was a few years ago when I saw Coraline the movie. I remember it because I didn't know then what's it about so I expected a cute animated fairy-tale, but what I got was a terrifying horror story that gave me nightmares. I liked it - I like dark fantasy filled with creepy images so now a few years later I decided to read the book.

Coraline is a young girl who has just moved into new house with her parents. She likes to explore outside but the summer is cold and rainy. She's often bored and heir parents work at home but they don't have much time for her. One day she discovers a door, but when her mother opens them there's only a brick wall. Coraline finds this very unusual and once when she's alone at home she opens them again and finds a long corridor that leads to a house just like hers. Everything's the same, except the people. Her other mom and other dad have black buttons instead of eyes and they're much nicer to her - they want to play with her, do all kinds of fun stuff and her mother will only cook food Coraline likes. Coraline finds new parents very exciting, but soon she starts to miss her real parents. The problem is the other mother won't let her go back and wants to sew the black buttons to Coraline's eyes. With a helping black cat, Coraline must save her real parents and herself. The real adventure has just begun.

Coraline is a creepy tale about a brave girl who finds out the truth of saying "be careful what you wish for". She wished for parents who would pay attention to her more and she got them. Gaiman has managed to create a dark and unsettling atmosphere in this nightmarish world. I liked how he portrayed the cat's attitude perfectly and if cat's could talk I think they would talk like this. There were also other interesting characters - two old women living in bottom flat, who were actors when they were younger. They were a little demented and talked only about acting. And an old man living upstairs, who has circus with dancing mice. They kept mistaking her name for Caroline and she constantly had to remind them she's Coraline. I think details like that made this story special.

All in all, I really liked this whole story. It was gripping and intense with unreliable ending. It's a fantasy, but some aspects of it were very realistic. I also liked the illustrations, they were really creepy. The only thing that bothered me is that it started off a bit slow and I also had a problem at first to get involved. It's a short and fast read, so I would recommend it. I will also watch the movie again - this time it won't be that shocking since I know what I'm in for :)

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