Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare First, I need to point out that Clockwork Angel was the first book by Cassandra Clare that I’ve read, so I can’t compare it with the Mortal Instrument series. It was about a year ago when I got really interested in history, I still can’t quite understand why, considering I always hated it in my teen years and it was among my least favorite subjects in school. But now here I am, researching history through books and internet. Anyway, when it comes to fiction, I’m most fascinated by Victorian era. Consequently, steampunk is one of my favorite genres, so when I was deciding whether to first read City of Bones or Clockwork Angel, I chose the latter.

Clare’s writing is beautiful and the world building was rich and had some actual historical elements. The atmosphere in the book was dark, but occasional witty remarks lightened it. I enjoyed reading this book a lot.

The characters in this book were great, I loved every one of them. Tessa wasn’t only thrown into the world of nephilim, vampires and warlocks, that was previously unknown to her, she also discovered her own power - the power to Change, to transform her body and access the mind of other people. She wasn’t a usual kick-ass heroine, she was like an ordinary person. I liked that she had some flaws, but she also stood up for herself when she needed to. Will with his witty-but-rude nature and Jem with his gentle kindness both won me over right away, though Will did make me angry sometimes I will not forget and forgive what he said to Tessa towards the end!. I really liked all characters, even Jessamine that got on my nerves a few times, I could understand her and I didn’t think she’s a bad person. The Magister and the Dark Sisters were perfect villains, sinister and deadly. And the clockwork human-like automatons really increades the creep factor.

I liked the short poems at the start of every chapter, it added to the Victorian era feeling of the story. There were also multiple point of views that I didn’t mind, it even made the story more intense in my opinion. During the story I thought the plot was fairly easy and predictable, but I was wrong in the end. There was a turn I really didn’t see coming, and after that things got more and more interesting. The romance was great, even if it was a kind of love triangle, I didn’t mind it at all. I think Tessa will have a hard time choosing the right boy in next books, they are both very different but very desirable.

I definitely recommend this book, if you haven’t read it yet. I will get to second book in this series as soon as possible. Of course I will also read The Mortal Instrument series, I heard the movie City of Bones is soon coming out so I’ll have to hurry!

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