Bloodlines - Richelle Mead When I first found out Richelle Mead is going to write a spin-off series of VA and that narrator's going to be Syndey, I was sooo excited, I really liked Sydney in VA. Now that I've read Bloodlines, I like her even more. She's everything I expected, I could relate to her much better than to Rose, she's more mature and responsible. Rose was too childish for me sometimes, especially in first book of VA, when she would throw herself at every boy she'd see and she would constantly repeat how awesome she is. I find Syndey cooler.

Next, I know I probably shouldn't say this because I'm gonna be eternally cursed by Adrian fans (and there seems to be a lot of them), but I don't know what's all the fuss about Adrian, really..he's a manwhore. Yes, Rose left him for Dimitri, boo-hoo, grow up! He wouldn't stop whining about it, he can't even hear anybody say her name and he would sleep with every girl that came around.
BUT I admit that he developed as the character throughout the book and he was quite likeable at the end. I suspect I'll like him better in following books.

I enjoyed the story, but I was missing some romance and I'd like more action. I'm looking forward to reading The Golden Lily though, I really liked that last sentence in Bloodlines ;).