Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer
Sometimes it feels that the hardest reviews to write are the ones for the books I loved. What’s there even to say, other than go read it and see for yourself just how amazing it is? After I loved Cinder I had no doubt Scarlet will be just as great. A fantastical adventure, filled with great characters you fall in love with at first sentence. A richly imagined dystopian world and elements of classic fairy tales. 

The main strength of this series are the wonderfully developed characters. Both Scarlet and Cinder are strong, badass girls, but still different. Scarlet is a normal human girl, who lives in futuristic France on a farm with her grandma, who’s gone missing. She is convinced someone kidnapped her grandma, and after police refuses to help her, she starts to look for her by herself. She meets Wolf, who’s supposedly a street fighter and he promises to help her. The relationship between Scarlet and her grandma was really nice to read, with all the love and loyalty Scarlet felt. It really made me wish Scarlet would find her grandma alive and well. She is also a bit more emotional than Cinder and consequently, some parts were heart-breaking. Cinder is a cyborg and the state’s most wanted criminal. Her story starts in a prison, where Cinder is being kept, but of course she’s already escaping - there’s not a single dull moment in her life. She meets co-prisoner Thorne and they escape together on his airship. While Cinder doesn’t know exactly what to do with her new-found power, evil Queen Levana wants her dead, so she could rule the world. Both Cinder and Scarlet find themselves in great danger.

I loved reading the story from all point of views. It never got boring because there were always some twists, which brought new mysteries to solve. Wolf was a very interesting character and I was never sure if I should trust him. He had some adorable moments, like when he tasted tomato for the first time in his life. He acted so clumsy I just wanted to hug him. But then he also had bad moments, like when he would change into a terrifying monster. I loved reading about the bond created between Scarlet and him and I’m curious what will happen in next books. I actually didn’t like Thorne at first. I thought he was a bit nuts, but it turned out he was just a trouble-maker, in love with himself and always looking for ladies. He was weird but sweet and together with Iko they were the main source of humour in the story.

Besides great characters, Marissa Meyer created a wonderful future world, full of flaws and political intrigue. The world building was great and the atmosphere intense, but not too dark, with fairy-tale elements and funny moments. It was such a thrilling ride reading this book. I declare myself a big fan of Marissa Meyer and love her writing style. I don’t think she could do anything wrong in next books, and basically I’ll read anything she writes. 450 pages just flew by, even if I tried to read slowly and enjoy, it was still too short. I definitely recommend these books to any fantasy and fairy-tale fans. The Lunar Chronicles is already one of my favorite series and I can’t wait for Cress!