Review: Scar and the Wolf by Plainfield Press

Scar and the Wolf - Plainfield Press

Scar and the Wolf is a retelling of Red Riding Hood and a gross but heart-warming read. The story takes place in a zombie town Plainfield on a Scar’s special day - it’s her 13th Unearthday. But she still has to do all the chores, and her parents got her only boring gifts. They tell her to go buy some ingredients on the market and don’t be late for her grandma’s. But of course Scar starts to wander on the market where she meets nice-looking but evil Wolf. You know how the story goes.

What I really liked about Scar and the Wolf were all disgusting and funny details of zombie world. Scar sleeps in a grave with worms, and her family eat bugs and brains. Scar also lost her nose, because it just tends to fall off, you know, when you’re rotting. But she’s not the only one, there are many various body parts in Plainfield roaming the streets, looking for their owners. These details were so well-thought and they created a really rich zombie world.

I also loved the ending, it was so sweet. Scar really grows as a character towards the end, when she realizes it’s not all about material things, but that important things in life end with -ing, like dancing, singing, or just being around the people you love.

Scar and the Wolf is a true gem of a story - a short read, but really meaningful. It could be appreciated by both kids and adults. It reminded me of Coraline by Neil Gaiman, only with more gross details. It was a perfect Halloween read for me. Also, it’s free for Kindle on Amazon!