Review: Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

Full Blooded begins with immediate action when Jessica finds herself in the middle of the night, changing into a werewolf for the first time in her life. She’s acquainted with the whole werewolf world, with her father being the Alpha of Northern Territories, but she never believed she’s going to change into a werewolf. Jessica is one of a kind, the only female werewolf in the world. But soon she starts to realize she also has some pretty amazing powers that no other werewolf has. She’s been despised by other werewolves her whole life, because the Cain Myth said the woman werewolf will be the end of their race, and soon Jessica’s family and friends find themselves surrounded by many powerful creatures who would like to see her dead.

Full Blooded is an excellent shapeshifter story, packed with intense action scenes. Jessica is a self-confident woman in her mid-twenties, often sarcastic and snarky, so obviously I couldn’t help but like her. She’s a little too stubborn at times, but she’s always brave and loyal to her people. Other characters didn’t stand out for me, except for the love interest, who seemed pretty hot and exciting, but so far we didn’t really get to know him. Their romance was short but sweet, even if it had a touch of a insta-love, but there were wolves to blame for their instant connection, so it didn’t bother me that much.

The writing style was perfect for a light Urban Fantasy read, I wouldn’t never notice that this was author’s debut novel. I had a problem getting into the story at first, everything revolved around werewolves and their world to the point where it got a bit tiring. Now that I look back, the first half of the book seems like an introduction to the whole series, and it could be a little shorter. The second half was much better, story got more intense and I’ve read the last 40% in one sitting. It was fun but still too predictable and there weren’t any major surprises or twists.

I would definitely recommend the book to fans of Urban Fantasy and Shapeshifter books. Once you get past that uneventful beginning, the story gets thrilling and really fun. It’s a very promising beginning to Jessica’s adventures and I can only guess what other problems she’ll stumble upon. But beware of the ending, or more like non-ending.. there’s a big cliffhanger with a lot of things left opened and you’re going to need the second book right away. I’m really looking forward to reading it!